The easiest way to meet your match.

Stop wasting your time with online dating.

Meet real people, wherever you go.

Meet new People in real life

Here’s how it works

After setting up a personal description about yourself and defining your match preferences in the wink2meet app, it’s time to go out, enjoy life and let the Scout do the work for you!

Your Scout works without the need of an internet connection and will notify you when a match is in close range (up to 100 ft.).

The Scout is what makes it possible

Merging the gap between Apple and Android devices, Scout searches for the match which you have predefined in your wink2meet app.

revolutionizing your dating experience

the WINK advantage

Meeting On the Spot

Deciding on a match in a face-to-face situation, gives you a candid insight to their body language and natural appearance.

Saving Time & Effort​​

Don’t waste your time on swiping, texting and disappointing blind dates. Enjoy life and let your Scout do the work for you!

Your Wingman​

Recognizing your match and starting a conversation is easy because your Scout finds them for you! This happens within the close range of approx. 100 ft.​

Providing Hotspots​

We are committed to improving the user experience through hotspots and events. Watch for our “Events Calendar”

Increasing Positive Experiences​

Reduce possible disappointments from having a preconceived idea of what your match will be like from previous texting or pictures.

Pictures & Profiles​

People don’t judge as harshly when confronted with a real person, as compared to looking online.

your privacy
is important to us

wink2meet was designed so your information stays in your hands!

Matches do not receive the others information, yet recognize they meet the criteria the other is “looking for”!

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